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Thank you for finding your way to the home of my A.I. derivative artwork. There is free art available for download, it's the last section near the bottom of the page.

​Each other download in this section is a zip file with a whole collection. The zip file is passworded and the password can be found in my supporter book (the supporter book can be found below as well). The password is at the end of the book, under a picture that shows a teenage Chaca sitting near one of his instructors 


Thank you for deciding to support my art! With the password from my supporter book, you unlock the entirety of artwork I've created, including exclusive never-before-seen works featuring Chaca and other characters from this magical realm.

To get the password, download the supporter book using the link above. The supporter book can be downloaded from the same page you buy it from (after purchase). 

Once you have bought and downloaded the book, the password can be found at the very end of the book. After the last picture in the book, which features a teenage Chaca sitting with one of his instructors, the password will be written. Ive featured that same image here, with this paragraph so you can see what picture you are looking for. The password below the picture unlocks all password-protected-downloads available on my site here. If you have any questions or still have difficulty accessing the art, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. Simply use the contact form below to reach out and let me know what email address I can email you at. You can also use the chat option here though it may take a day or two for me to get a response to you. Thank you again for your support, and for enjoying what I do.

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